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6 Tips to Make Her Valentine’s Day Perfect

6 Tips to Make Her Valentine’s Day Perfect

6 Tips to Make Her Valentine’s Day Perfect

 To me is 5’7” to 5’10” is perfect and 6’0” seems almost too tall. Nonetheless, I have had a boyfriend that I adored who was 5’4” and I’ve gone on dates with men who are 5’3”. At 5’2”, to me, what’s the difference? Maybe my preference comes from personal family. My Dad is only 5’8” and my brother is 5’6”, so I’ve grown up around reduced men and never thought these people were any less manly because of it. My 5’4” sister married a man who is 5’5” (and she PROUDLY wears her 5” heels out) and no one who sees their pictures ever responses that “Wow he looks short” but more that he is attractive and additionally they look good together. I bet many of these women who are watching movies (dateless) are busy drooling over Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., who at 5’7” is reduced than his co-star Gwyneth Or if you like bond, James Bond, were you aware that Daniel Craig is only 5’10”? More action heroes that hardly made the 6’0” cut: Mel Gibson is 5’8”, the Hunger Games Josh Hutchenson is  5’7” and Gladiator and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix is 5’8”. How about 70’s and 80’s movie heart throbs? Al Pacino who every person remembers from The Godfather movies is 5’7”.

Dustin Hoffman was endearing in The Graduate or Kramer vs. Kramer and he’s only 5’5”. How about some of the women that these reduced men are with: Penelope Cruz is 5’6” is married to Javier Barden who is 5’7”. Mark Walberg at 5’6 ½” is married to Rhea Durham who is 5’9”. Michael J. Fox at 5’4” met his wife Tracy Pollen, is 5’6”. I’m not saying all short guys are my type or they should be yours. Nonetheless, I think height is not a good reason to nix a guy, especially when you have had your heart broken by tall jerks. Sometimes I feel the reduced guys KNOW they have to try harder. This doesn’t mean I don’t look up to certain tall actor as I do plan on watching 6’5” Armie Hammer on the big screen in The Lone Ranger.  I’m smiling knowing he’s only 26 and married to a woman 4 years his senior. You’ll be hearing from me about men and age being just a number next time. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook6Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, For Men, For Women Tagged in: Height Advice.  It’s defined as “a proposal for an appropriate course of action”.

I’ve given lot of advice to people, some I know and some I don’t know. Some of this advice is pretty good, while other advice I’ve doled out has been pretty damn awful.  Like that time I told Jason Rybka in highschool that the sore on Jenny Gardner’s lip was nothing to worry about…  Sorry dude.  Anyway, good advice is sage; something that can undoubtedly help you avert disaster.  Nonetheless, poor advice… Poor advice gets people punched in the baby-maker.  True story.  I’ve seen that TV show, ‘Cheaters,’ and I know what’s up!  By the way, brilliant freaking show.  Right up there with ‘Celebrity Boxing,’ but I digress.

So I was thinking about bad dating advice that I’ve been given over the years.  Man… I either need to stop taking advice from my friends or stop being so naive!!! speak about Shoe Size – Seriously!  an old friend of mine gave me two pieces of advice that were awful.  Talking about shoe size was one particular tidbits of advice and I don’t think i could tell you about the other without being morbidly embarrassed!  I’d like to state that this advice had been given to me before my 21st birthday and I not any longer do this… Thankfully. Anyway, yeah, I would go on dates here and there and work out it a point to talk about my shoe size because I was made to think that would make a girl think about the size of my, um, jack hammer… Yep.  It took some time, but after enough random dates telling women about my shoe size and the puzzled responses, I cut that nonsense out pretty quickly and I also stopped taking advice from that old friend. Don’t Call For ‘X’ quantity of Days – I never got this one.

  there is absolutely no formula. I think the only thing here is that you probably wouldn’t want to call your date, literally, minutes after your first date has finished.  That seems needy and insecure.  Outside of that, even calling the next day seems like fair game to me.  I’ve called women the day after a date, up to two weeks after a date (I misplaced the gal’s phone number) and it makes little difference. If you’re interested, show your date that you’re.  Be direct. Don’t Tell Her You’re Interested, be Aloof! – Sure, there’s something to be said for the chase, but there’s also something to be said for knowing where one stands, too!  I’ve confused a woman or two in my younger days (aka two months ago, cause I’m a douche bag) by not letting a girl know what she means and what I want from her.

Holiday Dating Recipe: 5 Holiday Date a few ideas That Don’t Suck.

  when you have feelings for a woman, let her know! Drunk Texting is Cute; it demonstrates to you Care – Um, no, drunk texting is NOT cute. Now that I’m older and crankier, I don’t like my sleep to be interrupted. I need that damn sleep, people! So if a woman I am dating does that, I will be annoyed… I’ll probably make fun of some genetic trait passed down by my girl’s mom.  In addition has the effect of showing you are desperate.  So knock it off! Cause a Fight for the make-up Sex! – This one.

Just because the Stylistics sang ‘Break Up to Make Up’ doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. You should only try this if you are a professional with such things. Nothing sucks worse than causing a fight with your “special friend” only to locate them leaving you never to return.  Avoid being an asshole. Don’t Worry, if They Love You, They Will Change – Oh cousin.  This one has gotten me in trouble over the years.  I suffered quite a while with the “white knight” syndrome, trying to help the broken and tired women of the dating world.  Relationships shouldn’t be about finding your “missing half,” so to speak.

  I believe that a relationship works when two people, who are whole, come together to form a single union, or bond.  So waiting for your special someone to stop smoking, finish school, get a better job etc. etc. isn’t always the best thing to accomplish.  Finding a person who is already on the same path you are on is optimal. Be Yourself – Okay. How would I ever get to date number two if I was just being me?  Stupid advice. =) On that last item, I’m kidding of course.  Tread your own water and work out your own mark… Just avoid being an asshole. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Tips & Advice Tagged in: advice, Dating   Photo from ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ Break-ups can be rough. In fact, some scientific tests suggest they cause actual pain to the human body. A 2014 experiment suggested that thinking of our exes triggers activity in the exact same area of our brain that registers physical pain. Other symptoms reportedly include disturbed sleep and irrational heartbeats.

It may take ages to get over, but a broken heart is still far from a chronic condition. Here are five universal truths to help remind us there’s life after a failed relationship. 1.”This too shall pass.” When you’re in love, it’s almost as if time stands still. Your mind spins in a haze of delirium. It’s impossible to imagine a future without this fantastic feeling. Yet, in reality, the world keeps spinning. The sun’s rays continues to rise and set. Emotions evolve. Relationships change. Each stunning moment sooner or later passes. Now you’re in a state of heartbreak, and it’s easy to forget that these painful moments too shall pass. All emotions eventually fade.

Time really does heal all wounds. Look back at the last lover you lost and how silly that sadness all seems now. Even during your darkest days, pleasure remains on the horizon. “What doesn’t kill you stronger.” Bodybuilding is essentially about putting muscle tissue through so much strain that they breakdown. As they regenerate, they grow back strong enough to handle the pain next time. Well, the heart is a muscle too – and it does a similar. To become strong enough for an unbreakable relationship, you need to have been through some emotional upheaval. You need to have had your heart broken. Everytime it happens, you have the opportunity to dust yourself down, learn where you went wrong and become a better man. Make sure you do so. This technique is essential to becoming the man who can withstand the stresses of raising a family. How else are you meant to be able to maintain a healthy marriage while up all hours changing nappies? How can you become the father that supports his spouse and young ones in nausea and health? You might feel weak at the knees now, but this break-up will eventually allow you to be stronger. “It’s not over til’ the fat lady sings.” The final whistle might have blown on your relationship, but there’s plenty of time left in your love-life. All the best adventures have a unexpected plot twist before the good guy gets the girl.

And those who do take a break-up as an opportunity to become a better man tend to end up with a better girlfriend anyway. Accept your ex wasn’t meant to be the girl you can get at the end credits. “We don’t value what comes easy.” Break-ups are the roughest reminder that true love doesn’t come easy. The dating world can be fun, but it’s high in disappointment. Men are expected to make the first move and this can be difficult to deal with, especially if you’re too shy to even say ‘hi’ to a girl you want. You then have to navigate the text-message tennis, take them on dates, meet the parents etc. It’s a treacherous road to true love, but the truth is we have to be grateful the path can be so tough. The fact that love can be so hard to find is excatly why it gives us the butterflies.

Why I like Being Stood Up

we have to be thankful that individuals found something that makes us so upset in the first place. It’s these highs and lows in life that makes feel us alive. Anything worth doing is a little difficult. Finding love should n’t be as easy as finding a snack in the fridge.

It’s a thrill ride not a pecan pie…and you’ve just found out the rollercoaster isn’t over. You might have to get hurt ten times before you discover the one perfect partner that transforms your daily life forever, but once you find them, it won’t be the one person that makes it feel so special. That person is just the final piece of the puzzle. Without those previous pieces, you wouldn’t know the puzzle was complete, so enjoy the challenge. “All good things arrive at an end.” Even the most eye-catching flowers eventually wilt and die, but that doesn’t make them any less stunning in the time these people were alive. Sadly, most relationships end on a sour note too, but again this doesn’t make the happy times any less special. Every Oscar-winning film has an ending. So does every Shakespeare play, 80s power ballad and best-selling book. Celebrate what you created, then accept that it came to end also. Now, it is possible to look forward to the next chapter of your romance tale.

Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: bad breakups, break ups Half, if not majority, of people all over the world are living in a virtual world. With technology and globalization we are all forced or trapped in world that exists online. Our jobs are done or mostly done as you’re watching computer and so we socialize through the computers. While this is a good thing, because connecting to love ones and friends from different parts of the world is so much easier; this way of life has also limited our world. And because we have been social beings, even though we have been tied to our computers we still long to mingle and connect, hence the birth of countless social networking and dating sites. People all over the world connect, meet and start virtual or cyber relationships. This brings us to the question, does love really blossom from online dating? We have heard of countless stories both good and bad about online dating and yet so many people still donate to it looking for love and lasting relationships. They say it is so easy to start a relationship because the distance and the anonymity give them more freedom to be honest and express their thoughts without reservation. While there are some hoax posers still there are others who really find it hard to socialize in the flesh and online dating has given them hope of finding love. What is amazing about this new way of dating is that people from two different parts of the world find comfort in each other and eventually find love. One partner flies to the other end of the world and tie the knot. Fortunately, because they have established a very good foundation by way of constant and honest communication online, they do become living as happy couples.

Online dating may not be for everyone but it has undoubtedly made countless lonely people from different parts of the world happier.   Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Yes, this is the bear also acts as my leg pillow, fluffer pillow and neck pillow. Wanna feel him? He’s cuddly soft. Online dating is the norm. Once upon a time you were a pathetic piece of horse shit if you uttered the words “we met online.” It was a “dirty word.” But now dating is a billion dollar industry.

 Single folks account for the largest consumer group in the U.S. according to the good folks at Single Edition Media.  Online dating is to meeting people as buying shoes from Amazon is always to you being a pasty-skinned asshole that looks like a skeleton with a bright red fright-wig that just got throw out of a helicopter ( thanks, Ron Burgundy). It’s common; everybody’s doing it. So what’s the big deal? There was none. You see, this is the norm for meeting folks. We can communicate with people once we choose to. We can filter in the stats and attributes we want; we get something close to what we want. Neat.

Right? Well there’s a school of thought that likes to take a occasional shit on that notion. For those of you in your Thirties/Forties, have you ever taken a moment and said to yourself: “I’m glad I lived in a world prior to computers and smart phones.” I have and I fucking love this shit. Truth. Life was different. We got our information differently. Shit, I even had my porn mailed to my home as a kid from an adult video store in the form of said store’s printed brochure ( I was broke, I couldn’t afford VHS spunk, y’all). Things were different. Today, online dating, to me, is awesome. For those that don’t already know just, I’m a big fan associated with OkCupid. But there’s still something about making magic happen “organically.” I’d like to take a quick moment and tell you that I hate heirloom tomatoes and the word “organic.” In our hyper-tech society it seems that word is abused and used to make sure we still know what natural is. Organic milk, organic chocolate (Oooh! I got some in the fridge.

Brb!), and Organic SEO results. Fuuuuuuck! I can’t handle this shit. So let’s just call meeting someone in person ‘IRL,’ okay. There’s a thrill to meeting someone in person and chatting them up. About a month and a half ago, I went to a local book store to accomplish some work. I was about to sit down when a woman sitting on a chair next to the couch I was moving toward. She politely told me she was moving to that spot. I don’t know why I’m fucking weird.

But she sat down and as she was moving her things I sat on her lap. I didn’t put my full weight on the poor thing of course. But I definitely sat on the girl’s lap and started rambling off some random shit. It’s what I do. The girl just couldn’t help but laugh. So I took the spot next to her and we talked for nearly an hour. She bought me coffee and I bought her a treat. This relationship didn’t lead to a formal date, though. I got a phone number, we texted briefly and interest faded out. I don’t give good text, folks. TrueFax. That’s another story. That was a completely random moment.

It was about as much fun as I’d had up to that point talking with someone… Why don’t I do this shit all the time? Didn’t I communicate with more random strangers? I did. But I also used to go out more often. Being able to carve out a good convo irl is important; seduction matters. Think of it like surviving in the wilderness every so often in order to keep your skills sharp in case the world does end in 2010.  That face to face random relationship is more exciting than anything the internet could ever drum up, no matter if there’s video chat or various other 3D contraption down the road. If you intend on dating a lot online, you should at least keep your social skills sharp in public. Be  a flirt, strike up random conversations; work the fucking room, man. When you can do these things well, you’re going to roll the bologna to tuna town every day ending in ‘Y’. I realize that wasn’t the point of this article, but I don’t give a shit. You wish to meet someone special and get to the good stuff; whatever that means to you. The best way to do that is always to keep your skills up in the real world, y’all. Until next time, check back when I tackle the topic of breaking up with someone during the holiday breaks. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox!

Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook3Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: 30dayblogchallenge, Online Dating Which Froggie is Our Blogger of the Month? Skye Blue of Course! So Taylor and I kicked up the idea of doing a blogger of the month in March. I don’t think we necessarily gave our title of blogger of the month too much of a description and inform you guys what it actually means. Since, I’m the guy writing this up, I’ll tell you what community means to me. In this whole dating, relationship, sex advice community there’s a good number of fellow bloggers that I throw a wink to and a nod. They’re doing good things, they’re peers and, in some cases, I place them on a pedestal as people I look up to. There’s a lot of talented bloggers and writers in this little space. Nonetheless, for me to say “yes, that’ person deserves more recognition than everyone else,” it takes a little bit more than just writing. It takes community involvement, helping others and building on top of what we’re all trying to hard to build. All things considered, this is a labor of love and we do it as much for you, the reader, as we do for ourselves… And the Blogger of the Month for April Goes to… Stay on target! Stay on target! I’m goin’ in! What it do Skye Blue, from Met Another Frog!

Taylor and I absolutely adore this woman and her epic boobage. Not only is Skye Blue amazing, but she also runs, along with the Man Sam Sharpe and Elizabeth Rose, the popular site Met Another Frog. Skye Blue took some time to answer a few questions I had for her so I could post them for you on the Urban Dater. I know, I know what you’re all going to ask: “Did you ask her if she would breast smother you into oblivion?” I did ask that questions and I’m pretty sure the middle finger is the international standard way of saying something that starts with F and ends with k (which, if you know of a non expletive word that does start with f and concludes with k please dm me on twitter. Totally trying to acquire at words with friends!) Alex: How did you can get into blogging in the first place and how did Met Another Frog get boinked into existence? Skye Blue: In 2008, the three of us were all in the middle of a string of particularly horrific dates/sexual encounters. Once we shared the stories with each other, we laughed – a hell of a lot, as we marveled at the madness of it all. As much as we realized that individuals were the common denominators in all the craziness of our respective dating lives, we also knew that individuals weren’t alone.

So, in hopes of: 1) finding a wider audience to commiserate and share our funny with; 2) offering some solace to people who might actually believe these people were the only ones suffering in dating purgatory; and 3) satisfying our shared need to write,  we started the blog in October 2009.